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Bitcoin (BTC) is the first cryptocurrency to be developed and even the first and only application based on blockchain technology. And, in reality, Bitcoin is a software, a protocol, and a currency, so through this, you can create a global payment network, which is based on open source, with full transparency and with a single currency. The idea behind Bitcoin was to create a decentralized economic system that was open to everyone and, since it is not controlled or regulated by any bank and its value depends on the trust of users, that is why its value is so volatile.

How can Bitcoins be acquired? As payment for services or goods, they can be purchased at a Bitcoin exchange, they can be exchanged in the area where you live, they can be obtained through the Bitcoins mining process. But, something very important is to find an excellent page for cryptocurrency exchange.
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Some advantages that you have at your disposal are A referral program that allows you to earn Bitcoins for each user who registers through you, a very interesting bitcoin Price live, a blog without equal with extremely useful information and an internal currency, NowToken with which you can win and carry out different transactions.

Posted on April 15, 2020