What is sacred geometry (geometria sagrada)?

Sacred Geometry (geometria sagrada), that word refers to several forms which have been shown in sculpture, design, and contemplation for thousands for ages. That exact kinds are also present in human animals. Sacred geometry (geometria sagrada) may possibly seem very subjective, and also a fundamental comprehension of sacred geometry could offer a practical way of seeing our sacred geometry (geometria sagrada) world, which you can make use of your own life.

What Is sacred geometry?

Ancient cultures, such as Christianity, Romans, Greeks also Egyptians, accept that some geometric formulas or patterns replicated in nature. For instance, the honeycomb cell becomes hexagons, and also the snail-shell would be a coil. Honey-comb nor parasite, these rising designs and types also have become recognized as sacred geometry. These sub divided in to many characters, mathematical formulas, or necessary things that probably the ancients claimed will be the inspiration for everything on the planet. Modern science is currently promoting this hypothesis. That has found that the molecule types which form the building blocks of existence are, the truth is, a number of the very same trends described by early cultures. Understanding of these religious symbols as mathematical theorems permitted the creation of numerous historic structures, including the terrific pyramids to get Egypt, its own Greek Parthenon as well as the elaborate temples located in Central and South America.


The sphere has been regarded as a jar Capable of holding or keeping certain types. It reflects stability, equality, and fairness since most of steps are alike in 1 region. Planets, fats, fats, or atoms are typical areas of motion.


A world seems to be a two-dimensional image of a ring. It reflects the harmony and overall dignity of the world. What’s more, the way of measuring the size of the circle to its width is also named Pi, also it is an infinite number which never stops and never returns.

Posted on December 24, 2019